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HAOMAI Attended 2020 IEEE PES Satellite Technology Council-China General Meeting
publishtime:2020/12/29HAOMAI ELECTRIC

From October 30 to November 1, 2020 IEEE PES Satellite Technology Council-China General Meeting was held in Wuhan, aiming to serve the development of China's power and energy sector and its globalization, create a platform for exchange and integration cooperation, and jointly explore new models of international cooperation. The conference attracted the participation of many top experts and scholars in the industry, including China Association for Science and Technology, State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid Corporation, China Electrical Engineering Association, China Electrotechnical Society, universities and research institutes. The number of attendees exceeded 1,000.

As a leading enterprise in the electrical testing industry, HAOMAI Electric was invited to attend the conference and launched a new generation of Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Analysis and Moisture Monitor, Portable Universal Protection Relay Test System, Multi-ratio CT Analyzer, Portable Distribution Automation Tester, etc., which attracted the attention of the experts attending the conference.

At this meeting, HAOMAI Electric presented the latest electrical test solutions, conducted in-depth communication and exchange with colleagues in the industry, obtained good response in the industry, and reached cooperation intention on some projects. We will take this conference as an opportunity, from the perspective of user demand, to further innovate ideas and forge ahead, for the power industry to provide more quality products and technical services.

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