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The RELAYSTAR-H60 is the portable 6-phase protection relay test system for testing most types of modern multi-function protection relays, which can output 6-phase current(6x0…32A) and 4-phase voltage (4x0…300V).

The RELAYSTAR-H60 can be synchronized to perform end-to-end testing with the test sets allocated in different substations through its in-built GPS.

The RELAYSTAR-H60 can be operated by the RELAYSTAR software running on a laptop with Windows operating system.

The main features of Protection Relay Test System RELAYSTAR-H60 are as follows:

● 6-phase current(6x0…32A) + 4-phase voltage(4x0…300V) output

● Higher output accuracy(≤0.05% for AC output)

● End to end test via in-built GPS

● In-built waveform monitoring and recording

● Abundant binary inputs and binary outputs

●Independent Aux. DC supply

● Powerful RELAYSTAR test software


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