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The CT/PT Analyzer CTP-120PA is the revolutionary testing system for various CTs and PTs according to IEC and IEEE/ANSI standard. The Analyzer can automatically complete the test within seconds by one click of the patented multifunctional rotary mouse. It allows to test the knee-point voltage up to 40kV CTs and PTs on-site in power grids or in manufacturers' production facilities or test labs.

CT/PT Analyzer CTP-120PA is capable of testing multi-ratio CTs automatically without the need for rewiring, up to 6 connections for the secondary side of CTs.

The main features of CT/PT Analyzer CTP-120PA are as follows:

Able to test Protection CTs, Measuring CTs, TP class CTs and inductive PTs

Test excitation characteristic and error curve based on low-frequency measurement principle 

Measure ratio, polarity, ratio error and phase displacement error based on voltage method

Capable of testing multi-ratio CTs automatically without the need for rewiring

Adopt patented multifunctional rotary mouse to replace the keypad 

Adopt 5.7 inches LCD screen for display

Adopt DSP, ARM and embedded LINUX operation system

Both local test and PC remote test available

Higher measurement accuracy: 0.05 %

Print test results directly by built-in thermal printer

Small and light weight (9kg / 19.84 lbs) for easy transport

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