• How to choose HAOMAI 6-phase Protection Relay Test System?
    1)If need IEC 61850 and MU testing function, the right model is RELAYSTAR-7000A. 2)If only need to test conventional protection relays, the model RELAYSTAR-1600(6x0…40A, 6x0…150V) and RELAYSTAR-H60(6x0…32A, 4x0…300V) are recommended.
  • What is the unique feature of new CT/PT Analyzer CTP-120PA?
    It is capable of testing multi-ratio CTs automatically without the need for rewiring, up to 6 connections for the secondary side of CTs. All tests can be automatically completed within seconds by one click of the patented multifunctional rotary mouse.
  • Why 3-phase voltages of Universal Protection Relay Test System RELAYSTAR-7000A have no output at the same time?
    Please check the 2A fuse on the panel whether it is burned out.
  • How long will the delivery time be for Universal Protection Relay Test System RELAYSTAR-7000A?
    Usually it will take 15 working days after PO approved.
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