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Transformer Testing and Maintenance
publishtime:2020/12/29HAOMAI ELECTRIC

As transformer design and construction evolves, the challenge of maintaining transformers at their peak performance levels increases. The new designs have closer tolerances than ever before, so accurate testing and monitoring is essential in order to maintain their life expectancy.

The skilled engineers and technicians have the experience to diagnose, repair and maintain power transformers to the highest levels, and to achieve those results. Using HAOMAI test equipment, the engineers and technicians can monitor the condition of the unit from the factory through to installation, and finally in service.

Usually the transformer services include:

●Online Filtering

●Repairing Online and Offline Tap Changers


●General Transformer Maintenance

●Repairing and Testing Protective Devices

●Transformer Testing and Commissioning

●Dissipation Factor Tests

●Frequency Response Analysis

●Leakage Reaction


●Winding Resistance


●Voltage Recovery

●Partial Discharge Testing

●Testing of Insulating Oil

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