• Why the incorrect detected voltage displayed on the screen of Battery Load Unit FDT-220/110?
    If the detected voltage value is 0, please check whether the voltage sampling line is connected correctly, or check whether the test line is in open circuit status.
  • Why overload protection displayed on the screen of CT/PT Analyzer CTP-200P?
    1)check whether fuse 2(10A fuse) is burned out. 2)If fuse 2 is normal, please try to do self-check according to user manual.
  • Why the communication failure displayed on the screen of CT/PT Analyzer CTP-200P?
    1)try to open the panel and check whether the communication cable is loose. 2)If the communication cable is normal, the communication chip may be damaged.
  • Why CT Analyzer CTP-200P has no response after power on?
    1) check whether the working power supply is normal. 2)check whether the 10A fuse in power socket is burnt out.
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