• Why the ratio error displayed on the screen of CT Analyzer CTP-200P is 0 ?
    The test parameters on the interface of software are not set up.
  • Why IEC 61850 Protection Relay Test System RELAYSTAR-6000D can not receive GOOSE message?
    1)check whether the software parameters are configured correctly. 2)check whether RELAYSTAR-6000D unit can receive action time via self-publishing and slef-subscribing. 3)check whether the configured SCD information is consistent with the protection device configuration. 4)update the software.
  • Why 6-phase Protection Relay Test Set RELAYSTAR-1600 has no response after power on?
    1) check whether the working power supply is normal. 2)check whether the 10A fuse in power socket is burnt out. 3)check whether the power cord is damaged.
  • Why the LCD screen kept flashing after 6-phase Protection Relay Test Set RELAYSTAR-1600 booted?
    The working power supply may be not stable.
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